Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dennis Mackay not running for re-election

Dennis Mackay is one of the MLAs that I have a lot of time for. I like the fact that he is forth right and open with his opinions. I have never felt he is in politics for his own benefit, but is there to do what he thinks is best for his community and to express opinions that are not raised.

When we have MLAs that are willing to critize their own party, when there are MLAs putting the interests of the electorate over their own political career, we all benefit.

The loss of Dennis Mackay and Corky Evans will be a huge blow to the legislature post May 2009. These two men from opposite sides of the house have worked hard for rural BC and their type of voices will be even more important as the legislature grows in size and rural political representation is still smaller.

There is no need to be from a rural riding to be a voice for rural BC. One of the strongest voices in the house for rural communities has been Ralph Sultan from West Vancouver, though he to may chose to retire.