Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to find interesting things to see

I love finding interesting things to see when traveling around the province. A nice small waterfall, a valley overview, hoodoos, a bridge, a mountain and more.

The problem is that no one in tourism seems to be care about letting anyone know about the little treasures that are out there. Towns make tourism websites that promote the local businesses but not what there is to see.

On our way back from Salmon Arm I was looking for some sights to see between Kamloops and Hope along the Coquihalla. But there was nothing I could find online. There have to be some amazing spots out there, but I do not know how to find them.

In the Salmon Arm area I am surprised that Margret Falls are not better promoted. They are especially amazing in the winter in the snow. The Pritchard bridge is a fairly unique old one lane wooden bridge, but we do not hear about it.

BC Tourism could take the initiative and make a website of surprise treasures in the province.

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