Thursday, May 27, 2010

NovaGold releases an interesting report

NovaGold Resources, owners of the Galore Creek project in the northwest of BC just to the east of the Stikine River, has released their sustainability report.    It is interesting reading and the first time I have seen something of this caliber for a company that is more of an exploration outfit than a global mining giant.

Here are the principles the work to:

The principles of NovaGold's approach:

  • We respect Native Alaskan and First Nation groups and encourage continuous collaboration, so that their relationship with the land and the expertise gained from other mining operations adds value to our plans and processes.
  • We catalyze local and regional economies in the near and long term by identifying and developing resources in a way that considers the long-term impacts and benefits of operations.
  • We strive to reduce the risk of permitting delays by working closely with the appropriate government agencies and maintaining and nurturing collaborative working relationships with our aboriginal and community partners to identify a responsible, critical path for development.
  • We believe long-lasting social and economic benefits can flow to the communities in which we operate.

I am reasonably certain their approach is a corporate codification of their experience with the Tahltan.

I am sure there are people out there that will call this greenwashing, but that is short sighted.   The very fact the company is talking about this, is willing to express their approach to environmental issues, is talking about needing a social license to operate, says a lot about where we are at in 2010.

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