Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fresh Outlook Foundation

This is new foundation that has been created to build more sustainable communities in BC. I found about them through the monthly email that Brandon Hughes of the BC Rural Secretariat sends out.

They look to be undertaking the sort of work that many of the rural communities in BC need, though clearly they are not limited to rural BC. The highlights of 2007 have some very interesting presentations listed.


The Fresh Outlook Foundation is a non-profit that applies proven and practical community-based social marketing (CBSM) strategies in the development and delivery of programs that enable and encourage sustainable behaviors in people's home, workplaces, and recreational activities throughout British Columbia.

In keeping with CBSM principles, foundation programs target specific groups (e.g., local governments, community leaders, business people, shoppers, church congregations, service clubs, strata councils, recreational groups) with well-researched information and incentives relevant to each audience. Skilled and passionate facilitators deliver these innovative and interactive programs to build awareness, transform attitudes, encourage appropriate actions, and track resulting performance.

The foundation's inaugural target audience is local governments through a program called Building SustainAble Communities


To provoke a fresh outlook among British Columbians that inspires sustainable behaviors at home, work, and play.


The Fresh Outlook Foundation envisions a future in which all British Columbians engage in sustainable behaviors at home, work, and play. To that end, the foundation uses skilled and passionate volunteer facilitators armed with proven social marketing strategies to enable and encourage lasting behavior change that supports communities' social, cultural, environmental, and economic objectives..

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