Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rail Links in the Northwest

I am curious why the rail link to Kitimat has not been used to make a larger use of the port facilities there? It strikes me as another good location for a small container port and for a bulk terminal. With the lose of Eurocan, Kitimat needs to really focus on the port.

Another port that is underused is Stewart. If a rail link were built through to Yukon and Alaska, this community makes sense for a spur line.

Both of these ports, along with Prince Rupert, would make the demand for the mainline from Prince Rupert to Edmonton much higher. From a rail line perspective, this a better and easier route to maintain that the CP route through the Fraser Canyon and then the Rockies.


BC Mary said...

for a gorgeous photo of BC Rail taken in April 2003 in the dramatic sagebrush country around Lillooet.

Anonymous said...
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