Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some new places we could use ferries in BC

I am suggesting some new routes because BC Ferries has some surplus small ferries now that the Golden Ears Bridge is in place and there is no need for the Albion Ferry.

Tofino - Ahousat The population on Ahousat is higher than many gulf islands currently being served by BC Ferries. This could be combined with a stop on Meares Island

Lund - Cortes Island This link would allow another way out for Cortes Island people and improve the tourism circle route options. It also offer another way out of the Powell River area.

Langdale - New Brighton on Gambier The population of Gambier is small but growing, it is ready for a small ferry.

With the dock being available, could BC Ferries not consider a service from Little River near Comox to Tsawwassen?

Maybe it is time for BC Ferries ot consider a service from Sidney to the San Juan Islands?

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